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[hibernate4-maven-plugin] / src / main / java / de / juplo / plugins / hibernate /
2016-11-13 Kai MoritzThe output file is truncated, before written to
2016-11-13 Kai MoritzJPA-properties must be converted into Hibernate-propert...
2016-11-13 Kai MoritzUpgraded Hibernate
2016-11-13 Kai MoritzFixed NullPointerException in ModificationTracker
2016-03-07 Kai MoritzUpdated documentation
2016-03-07 Kai MoritzAll packages up to the root are checked for annotations
2016-03-07 Kai MoritzFixed bug: the execution is no more skipped after a...
2016-03-07 Kai MoritzMappings from JPA-mapping-files are considered
2015-12-20 Kai MoritzConsidering mapping-configuration from persistence...
2015-12-20 Kai MoritzSidestepped bug in Hibernate 5
2015-12-20 Kai MoritzReworked configuration and the tracking thereof
2015-12-20 Kai MoritzReworked plugin-configuration: worshipped the DRY-principle
2015-12-20 Kai MoritzRefined reimplementation of the plugin for Hibernate 5.x