2021-02-07 Kai MoritzAdded a script that illustrates the example master
2021-02-07 Kai MoritzAdded a profile, that starts the app with a PostgreSQL-DB
2021-02-06 Kai MoritzThe application can be started as a container via Docke...
2021-02-06 Kai MoritzSwitched to Flayway for schema-creation
2021-02-06 Kai MoritzSwitchted to @TransactionalEventListener
2021-02-06 Kai MoritzWiredly enforcing uniqe-users with an exception
2020-10-25 Kai MoritzThe app emitts events for created / deleted users
2020-10-25 Kai MoritzSimple web-app example for spring-boot-data-jdbc