Implemented new parameter "force"
[hibernate4-maven-plugin] / src /
2013-01-15 Kai MoritzImplemented new parameter "force"
2013-01-15 Kai MoritzPlugin ignores upper- or lower-case mismatches for...
2013-01-15 Kai MoritzThe Targets EXPORT and NONE force excecution
2013-01-15 Kai MoritzConfiguration via properties reworked
2012-12-13 Kai Moritzschema is now rebuild, when SQL-dialect changes
2012-12-13 Kai MoritzSkipping of unchanged scenarios is now based on MD5...
2012-12-11 Kai Moritzhibernate4:export is skipped, when annotated classes...
2012-12-11 Kai MoritzFound annotated classes get logged now
2012-12-11 Kai MoritzDocumentation gets filterd now
2012-12-11 Kai MoritzReworked documentation (described example-configurations)
2012-12-11 Kai MoritzSkipping of the excecution is noted in the log-messages now
2012-12-11 Kai MoritzDriverProxy now implements Driver.getParentLogger()
2012-12-11 Kai MoritzImproved logging of found configuration-parameters
2012-12-11 Kai MoritzCreated project-website
2012-12-11 Kai MoritzCleaned up code
2012-12-11 Kai MoritzAttribute "skip" is no initialized with value of proper...
2012-12-11 Kai MoritzImplementd maven-plugin "Hibernate 4"