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is the place, where I collect and share my more or less private projects. It is a lab for experiments, that help me to do my job as a freelancer at the desired level of quality. Here, I can play with all the fancy new stuff, that might be a little bit to much bleeding edge, to be used on a production site of a paying client.

I decided to share all this stuff, because I am always learning a lot from the internet-community. I wanted to give back a little and try to help and teach others, as I was helped and teached. Also, this is a good oportunity, to show what I am doing and to do a little self-publicity...

mainly consists of two parts:

If you want to hire me, you can find out more on the contact-page. If you are not yet sure, if you want to hire me, you might be interessted in what I can do for you, or what I have already done for others.