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2021-11-15 Kai MoritzWIP master
2021-06-30 Kai MoritzThe restore-process no longer happens inside onPartitio...
2021-06-30 Kai MoritzPrepared for the development of version 2.2.0
2021-06-30 Kai MoritzReleased version 2.1.0
2021-06-30 Kai MoritzBugfix: Check for existence of a new transfer requires...
2021-06-30 Kai MoritzState must only be stored locally, if the corresponding...
2021-06-30 Kai MoritzThe state is periodically stored in a local file, that...
2021-06-29 Kai MoritzRefined the feedback-messages of the TransferConsumer
2021-06-29 Kai MoritzPrepared for the development of version 2.1.0
2021-06-29 Kai MoritzReleased version 2.0.0
2021-06-29 Kai MoritzSwitched from single-node (assign) to multi-instance...
2021-06-23 Kai MoritzProperties are only accessible via getters
2021-06-20 Kai MoritzSimplified the thread-execution
2021-06-20 Kai MoritzPrepared for the development of version 2.0.0
2021-06-20 Kai MoritzReleased version 1.1.0
2021-06-20 Kai MoritzIgnoring poision pills with illeagal state-changes
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