hibernate4-maven-plugin 1.0.1 released!

Today we released the bugfix-version 1.0.1 of hibernate4-maven-plugin to Central.

Appart from two bugfixes, this version includes some minor improvements, which might come in handy for you.

hibernate4-maven-plugin 1.0.1 should be available in the Central Maven Repository in a few hours.

Release notes:

commit 4b507b15b0122ac180e44b8418db8d9143ae9c3a Author: Kai Moritz Date: Tue Jan 15 23:09:01 2013 +0100 Reworked documentation: splited and reorderd pages and menu commit 65bbbdbaa7df1edcc92a3869122ff06a3895fe57 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Tue Jan 15 22:39:39 2013 +0100 Added breadcrumb to site commit a8c4f4178a570da392c94e384511f9e671b0d040 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Tue Jan 15 22:33:48 2013 +0100 Added Google-Analytics tracking-code to site commit 1feb1053532279981a464cef954072cfefbe01a5 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Tue Jan 15 22:21:54 2013 +0100 Added release information to site commit bf5e8c39287713b9eb236ca441473f723059357a Author: Kai Moritz Date: Tue Dec 18 00:14:08 2012 +0100 Reworked documentation: added documentation for new features etc. commit 36af74be42d47438284677134037ce399ea0b58e Author: Kai Moritz Date: Tue Jan 15 10:40:09 2013 +0100 Test-Classes can now be included into the scanning for Hibernate-Annotations commit bcf07578452d7c31dc97410bc495c73bd0f87748 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Tue Jan 15 09:09:05 2013 +0100 Bugfix: database-parameters for connection were not taken from properties The hibernate-propertiesfile was read and used for the configuration of the SchemaExport-class, but the database-parameters from these source were ignored, when the database-connection was opened. commit 54b22b88de40795a73397ac8b3725716bc80b6c4 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Wed Jan 9 20:57:22 2013 +0100 Bugfix: connection was closed, even when it was never created Bugreport from: Adriano Machado When only the script is generated and no export is executed, no database- connection is opend. Nevertheless, the code tried to close it in the finally-block, which lead to a NPE. commit b9ab24b21d3eb65e2a2208be658ff447c1846894 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Tue Dec 18 00:31:22 2012 +0100 Implemented new parameter "force" If -Dhibernate.export.force is specified, the schema-export will be forced. commit 19740023bb37770ad8e08c8e50687cb507e2fbfd Author: Kai Moritz Date: Fri Dec 14 02:16:44 2012 +0100 Plugin ignores upper- or lower-case mismatches for "type" and "target" commit 8a2e08b6409034fd692c4bea72058f785e6802ad Author: Kai Moritz Date: Fri Dec 14 02:13:05 2012 +0100 The Targets EXPORT and NONE force excecution Otherwise, an explicitly requestes SQL-export or mapping-test-run would be skipped, if no annotated class was modified. If the export is skipped, this is signaled via the maven-property hibernate.export.skipped. Refactored name of the skip-property to an public final static String commit 55a33e35422b904b974a19d3d6368ded60ea1811 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Fri Dec 14 01:43:45 2012 +0100 Configuration via properties reworked * export-type and -target are now also configurable via properties * schema-filename, -delemiter and -format are now also configurable via porperties commit 5002604d2f9024dd7119190915b6c62c75fbe1d6 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Thu Dec 13 16:19:55 2012 +0100 schema is now rebuild, when SQL-dialect changes commit a2859d3177a64880ca429d4dfd9437a7fb78dede Author: Kai Moritz Date: Tue Dec 11 17:30:19 2012 +0100 Skipping of unchanged scenarios is now based on MD5-sums of all classes When working with Netbeans, the schema was often rebuild without need. The cause of this behaviour was, that Netbeans (or Maven itself) sometimes touches unchanged classes. To avoid this, hibernat4-maven-plugin now calculates MD5-sums for all annotated classes and compares these instead of the last-modified value. commit a4de03f352b21ce6abad570d2753467e3a972a10 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Tue Dec 11 17:02:14 2012 +0100 hibernate4:export is skipped, when annotated classes are unchanged Hbm2DdlMojo now checks the last-modified-timestamp of all found annotated classes and aborts the schema-generation, when no class has changed and no new class was added since the last execution. It then sets a maven-property, to indicate to other plugins, that the generation was skipped. commit 2f3807b9fbde5c1230e3a22010932ddec722871b Author: Kai Moritz Date: Thu Nov 29 18:23:59 2012 +0100 Found annotated classes get logged now

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