hibernate4-maven-plugin 1.0.2 released!

Today we released the version 1.0.2 of hibernate4-maven-plugin to Central.

This release includes:

  • Improved documentation (thanks to Adriano Machado)
  • Support for the hibernateNamingStrategy-configuration-option (thanks to Lorenzo Nicora)
  • Mapping via *.hbm.xml-files (old approach without annotations)

hibernate4-maven-plugin 1.0.2 is available in the Central Maven Repository.

Release notes:

commit 4edef457d2b747d939a141de24bec5e32abbc0c7 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Fri Aug 2 00:37:40 2013 +0200 Last preparations for release commit 82eada1297cdc295dcec9f43660763a04c1b1deb Author: Kai Moritz Date: Fri Aug 2 00:37:22 2013 +0200 Upgrade to Hibernate 4.2.3.Final commit 3d355800b5a5d2a536270b714f37a84d50b12168 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Thu Aug 1 12:41:06 2013 +0200 Mapping-configurations are opend as given before searched in resources commit 1ba817af3ae5ab23232fca001061f8050cecd6a7 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Thu Aug 1 01:45:22 2013 +0200 Improved documentaion (new FAQ-entries) commit 02312592d27d628cc7e0d8e28cc40bf74a80de21 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Wed Jul 31 23:07:26 2013 +0200 Added support for mapping-configuration through mapping-files (*.hbm.xml) commit b6ac188a40136102edc51b6824875dfb07c89955 Author: nicus Date: Fri Apr 19 15:27:21 2013 +0200 Fixed problem with NamingStrategy (contribution from Lorenzo Nicora) * NamingStrategy is set explicitly on Hibernate Configuration (not passed by properties) * Added 'hibernateNamingStrategy' configuration property commit c2135b5dedc55fc9e3f4dd9fe53f8c7b4141204c Author: Kai Moritz Date: Mon Feb 25 22:35:33 2013 +0100 Integration of the maven-plugin-plugin for automated helpmojo-generation Thanks to Adriano Machado, who contributed this patch!

Comments / Questions

  1. Hey, is there a mode for this plugin where it can generate update rather than create statements.

    1. Kai Moritz says:

      Unfortunatly: no.

      The plugin is build around the SchemaExport-Tool, which does only support drop and create.

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