hibernate4-maven-plugin 1.0.3 released!

Today we released the version 1.0.3 of hibernate4-maven-plugin to Central.

Scanning dependencies

This release of the plugin now supports scanning of dependencies. By default all dependencies in the scope compile are scanned for annotated classes. Thanks to Guido Wimmel, who pointed out, that this was really missing and supported the implementation with a little test-project for this use-case. Learn more…

Support for Hibernate Envers

Another new feature of this release is support for Hibernate Envers – Easy Entity Auditing. Thanks a lot to Victor Tatai, how implemented this, and Erik-Berndt Scheper, who helped integrating it and who supported the testin with a little test-project, that demonstrates the new feature. You can visit it at bitbucket as a starting point for your own experiments with this technique.

Less bugs!

Many thanks also to Stephen Johnson and Eduard Szente, who pointed out bugs and helped eleminating them…

Get your hands on – on central!

hibernate4-maven-plugin 1.0.3 is available in the Central Maven Repository.

Release notes:

commit adb20bc4da63d4cec663ca68648db0f808e3d181 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Fri Oct 18 01:52:27 2013 +0200 Added missing documentation for skip-configuration commit 99a7eaddd1301df0d151f01791e3d177297670aa Author: Kai Moritz Date: Fri Oct 18 00:38:29 2013 +0200 Added @since-Annotation to configuration-parameters commit 221d977368ee1897377f80bfcdd50dcbcd1d4b83 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Wed Oct 16 01:18:53 2013 +0200 The plugin now scans for annotated classes in dependencies too commit ef1233a6095a475d9cdded754381267c5d1e336f Author: Kai Moritz Date: Wed Oct 9 21:37:58 2013 +0200 Project-Documentation now uses the own skin juplo-skin commit 84e8517be79d88d7e2bec2688a8f965f591394bf Author: Kai Moritz Date: Wed Oct 9 21:30:28 2013 +0200 Reworked APT-Documentation: page-titles were missing commit f27134cdec6c38b4c8300efb0bb34fc8ed381033 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Wed Oct 9 21:29:30 2013 +0200 maven-site-plugin auf Version 3.3 aktualisiert commit d38b2386641c7ca00f54d69cb3f576c20b0cdccc Author: Kai Moritz Date: Wed Sep 18 23:59:13 2013 +0200 Reverted to old behaviour: export is skipped, when maven.test.skip=true commit 7d935b61a3d80260b9cacf959984e14708c3a96b Author: Kai Moritz Date: Wed Sep 18 18:15:38 2013 +0200 No configuration for hibernate.dialect might be a valid configuration too commit caa492b70dc1daeaef436748db38df1c19554943 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Wed Sep 18 18:14:54 2013 +0200 Improved log-messages commit 2b1147d5e99c764c1f6816f4d4f000abe260097c Author: Kai Moritz Date: Wed Sep 18 18:10:32 2013 +0200 Variable "envers" should not be put into hibernate.properties "hibernate.exoprt.envers" is no Hibernate-Configuration-Parameter. Hence, it should not be put into the hibernate.properties-file. commit 0a52dca3dd6729b8b6a43cc3ef3b69eb22755b0a Author: Erik-Berndt Scheper Date: Tue Sep 10 16:18:47 2013 +0200 Rename envers property to hibernate.export.envers commit 0fb85d6754939b2f30ca4fc18823c5f7da1add31 Author: Erik-Berndt Scheper Date: Tue Sep 10 08:20:23 2013 +0200 Ignore IntelliJ project files commit e88830c968c1aabc5c32df8a061a8b446c26505c Author: Victor Tatai Date: Mon Feb 25 16:23:29 2013 -0300 Adding envers support (contribution from Victor Tatai) commit e59ac1191dda44d69dfb8f3afd0770a0253a785c Author: Kai Moritz Date: Tue Sep 10 20:46:55 2013 +0200 Added Link to old Version 1.0.2 in documentation commit 97a45d03e1144d30b90f2f566517be22aca39358 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Tue Sep 10 20:29:15 2013 +0200 Execution is only skipped, if explicitly told so commit 8022611f93ad6f86534ddf3568766f88acf863f3 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Sun Sep 8 00:25:51 2013 +0200 Upgrade to Scannotation 1.0.3 commit 9ab53380a87c4a1624654f654158a701cfeb0cae Author: Kai Moritz Date: Sun Sep 8 00:25:02 2013 +0200 Upgrade to Hibernate 4.2.5.Final commit 5715c7e29252ed230389cfce9c1a0376fec82813 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Sat Aug 31 09:01:43 2013 +0200 Fixed failure when target/classes does not exist when runnin mvn test phase Thanks to Stephen Johnson Details from the original email: --------- The following patch stops builds failing when target/classes (or no main java exists), and target/test-classes and src/tests exist. So for example calling mvn test -> invokes compiler:compile and if you have export bound to process-classes phase in executions it will fail. Maybe better to give info and carry on. Say for example they want to leave the executions in place that deal with process-classes and also process-test-classes but they do not want it to fail if there is no java to annotate in src/classes. The other way would be to comment out the executions bound to process-classes. What about export being bound to process-class by default? Could this also cause issues? In either case I think the plugin code did checks for src/classes directory existing, in which case even call "mvn test" would fail as src/classes would not exist as no java existed in src/main only in src/test. Have a look through the patch and see if its of any use. commit 9414e11c9ffb27e195193f5fa53c203c6297c7a4 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Sat Aug 31 11:28:51 2013 +0200 Improved log-messages commit da0b3041b8fbcba6175d05a2561b38c365111ed8 Author: Kai Moritz Date: Sat Aug 31 08:51:03 2013 +0200 Fixed NPE when using nested classes in entities with @EmbeddedId/@Embeddable Patch supplied by Eduard Szente Details: ---------------- Hi, when using your plugin for schema export the presence of nested classes in entities (e.g. when using @EmbeddedId/@Embeddable and defining the Id within the target entity class) yields to NPEs. public class Entity { @EmbeddedId private Id id; @Embeddable public static class Id implements Serializable { .... } } Entity.Id.class.getSimplename == "Id", while the compiled class is named "Entity$Id.class" Patch appended. Best regards, Eduard

Comments / Questions

  1. Andreas Kuhtz says:

    Hi Kai,
    Thank you for this great plugin!
    When will the next version be released? We ran into an issue that is fixed on trunk (schema file created in non-existing subdirectory).

    1. Kai Moritz says:

      Hi Andreas,

      I am working on the next release. Nearly everything is in place to put it online. The only thing missing is the fact, that I planed to add some test-cases to ensure, that the fixes does not break the known use-cases. I hope I will find some time in the next days, to complete this plan…


  2. hdave says:

    I’ve got your plugin in production now and it works great. Thanks a ton. One thing however, it pumps out a lot of text during the maven build. Our team works hard to cut down on the clutter. Any chance of getting a “quiet” setting or level?

    1. Kai Moritz says:

      That is a good idea!
      I will include a switch in the next release…
      Thanks for the clue.

  3. Agustino says:


    When using this plugin, this class package-info is ignored. You need to invoke Configuration.addPackage(packageName).

    1. Kai Moritz says:

      Hi Augustino,

      thanks a lot for your bug-report, first.

      If you could provide me with a small example-project, that triggers the error, that would ease and therefore speed up the bugfixing.
      Youd could simply send it as .zip or .tgz to kai@juplo.de, or share it at githupb or something else.

      Kind regards

      Kai Moritz

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