Log out from wrong Account with maven-appengine-plugin

Do you work with the maven-appengine-plugin and several google-accounts? If you do, or if you ever were logged in to the wrong google-account while executing mvn appengine:update, like me yesterday, you surely wondering, how to logout from maven-appengine-plugin.

maven-appengine-plugin somehow miracolously stores your credentials for you, when you attemp to upload an app for the first time. This comes in very handy, if you work with just one google-account. But it might get a “pain-in-the-ass”, if you work with several accounts. Because, if you once logged in into an account, there is no way (I mean: no goal of the maven-appengine-plugin) to log out, in order to change the account!

The solution: clear the credentials, that the maven-appengine-plugin stored on your behalf

Only after hard googling, i found a solution to this problem in a blog-post: maven-appengine-plugin stores its oauth2-credentials in the file .appcfg_oauth2_tokens_java in your home directory (on Linux – sorry Windows-folks, you have to figure out yourself, where the plugin stores the credentials on Windows).

Just delete the file .appcfg_oauth2_tokens_java and your logged out! The next time you call mvn appengine:upload you will be asked again to accept the request and, hence, can switch accounts. If you are not using oauth2, just look for .appcfg*-files in your home directory. I am sure, you will find another file with stored credentials, that you can delet to logout, like Radomir, who deleted .appcfg_cookiesy to log out.

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