Show Spring-Boot Auto-Configuration-Report When Running Via “mvn spring-boot:run”

There are a lot of explanations, how to turn on the Auto-Configuration-Report offered by Spring-Boot to debug the configuration of ones app. For an good example take a look at this little Spring boot troubleshooting auto-configuration guide. But most often, when I want to see the Auto-Configuration-Report, I am running my app via mvn:spring-boot:run. And, unfortunatly, none of the guids you can find by google tells you, how to turn on the Auto-Configuration-Report in this case. Hence, I hope I can help out, with this little tip.

How To Turn On The Auto-Configuration-Report When Running mvn spring-boot:run

The report is shown, if the logging for org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.logging is set to DEBUG. The most simple way to do that, is to add the following line to your src/main/resources/

I was not able, to enable the logging via a command-line-switch. The seemingly obvious way to add the property to the command line with a -D like this:

mvn spring-boot:run

did not work for me. If anyone could point out, how to do that in a comment to this post, I would be realy grateful!

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