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last changeFri, 22 Oct 2021 21:05:43 +0000 (23:05 +0200)
2021-10-22 Kai MoritzThe splitting of the recorded sentences is done by... master
2021-10-21 Kai MoritzAdded the Kafka-UI AKHQ to the setup
2021-10-21 Kai MoritzEnabled up/down-scaling of the services
2021-10-21 Kai MoritzRemoved the automatic update of submodules during a...
2021-10-21 Kai MoritzSimplified & unified the endpoint-paths
2021-10-21 Kai MoritzAdded requests for the generated Top-10 to the demonstr...
2021-10-21 Kai MoritzUsers are materialized as KTable
2021-10-21 Kai MoritzConfigured juplo/toolbox:latest for the utility-service cli
2021-10-21 Kai MoritzAdded some story-tellers, based on Fortune
2021-10-21 Kai MoritzQuery-results are enriched with user-data
2021-10-11 Kai MoritzSimple processing pipeline
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