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2020-01-30 Kai MoritzTODO master
2019-12-12 Kai MoritzTODO
2019-11-22 Kai MoritzWIP: 2200: An active access token must be used
2019-11-22 Kai MoritzUnmapped errors are logged with log-level WARN
2019-11-22 Kai Moritz2200: An active access token must be used
2019-11-22 Kai MoritzImplemented an ExchangeFilterFunction, to support Sprin... facebook-errors
2019-11-22 Kai MoritzClearified intend in GraphApiErrorResponseErrorHandlerI...
2019-11-22 Kai MoritzRemoved redundant logging-messages in test-cases
2019-11-22 Kai MoritzFixed bug / refined GraphApiErrorResponseErrorHandler
2019-11-22 Kai MoritzRefined the test-cases and fixed a bug in GraphApiError...
2019-11-22 Kai Moritz200: The user hasn't authorized the application to...
2019-11-22 Kai MoritzThe log-statement for unmapped exceptions really prints...
2019-11-22 Kai MoritzErrors during parsing of the error-message are wrapped
2019-11-22 Kai Moritz190: Access token expired
2019-11-22 Kai MoritzUpgraded Spring Boot from 1.3.7.RELEASE to 2.2.0.RELEASE
2019-11-22 Kai MoritzPrepared for next development iteration (5.0-SNAPSHOT)
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