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2021-03-01 Kai MoritzReleased version 1.1.0 master maven-thymeleaf-skin-1.1.0
2021-02-28 Kai MoritzAdded usage documentation
2021-02-28 Kai MoritzMade the thymeleaf-command that decorates the template...
2021-02-28 Kai MoritzAdded the variants of the page-uri as selectable content
2021-02-28 Kai MoritzAdded title and short title as selectable content
2021-02-28 Kai MoritzThe JSON is rendered in the page and picked up there...
2021-02-28 Kai MoritzUpgraded maven-site-plugin from 3.5.1 to 3.9.1
2021-02-28 Kai MoritzShortend the name and description of the the artifact
2021-02-28 Kai MoritzPrevented the override of the entry-page with the chang...
2021-02-28 Kai MoritzThe index.html from the documentation-root is explicitl...
2021-01-10 Kai MoritzUpdated signature of fragement-replacment
2020-11-22 Kai MoritzPrepared for feature release 1.0.x
2020-11-22 Kai MoritzReleased version 1.0.1 maven-thymeleaf-skin-1.0.1
2020-11-22 Kai MoritzNormal links are renderd with a version-subdirectory...
2020-11-22 Kai MoritzSupressed duplicate entries in breadcrumbs
2020-11-22 Kai MoritzPrepared for bugfix-release 1.0.1
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